0 YouTube Music NA Servers

A simple but high quality music bot

0 T_Moderator_Bot NA Servers

A multi-purpose bot with a variety of features to test each day!

0 Ear Tensifier 5404 Servers

Ear Tensifier is a powerful music bot that has earrape, bassboost and volume commands.

0 PEEKY 60 Servers

PEEKY is a free and reliable multipurpose bot.

0 YouTube bot 1867 Servers

a multipropose bot with music commands and more !

0 Multi Bot NA Servers

Multi Bot is a bot for moderation, security, utilities, fun, images and music.

0 Cara NA Servers

You need a ♫ Discord Music Bot ♫ with high entertainment quality? Cara does it all and will be your personal Discord Music Bot

0 Jam_ NA Servers

An easy to use moderation and music bot for your server.

0 Spirit 49 Servers

Spirit is a multi-purpose bot that can do moderation, play some tunes and even make you laugh with it's pure fun games!

0 Disco NA Servers

Música de Alta Qualidade para o Discord. Oferecendo de graça, comandos como Volume e Bass Boost.

0 Dragonnoir NA Servers

Le bot Dragonnoir est un jeune bot discord multifonction Français

0 Ferdex✨ NA Servers

Ferdex✨ | The perfect allrounder for your Server. Moderation, Utility, Music, Fun and More!

0 Nia 146 Servers

Nia is a multipurpose discord bot! Currently supports Moderation, Music, Giveaways and Image manipulation!

92 Swift 118 Servers

^ - ^ Hello! My name is VonGod, I am one of the owners of Swift, a multifunctional bot (music, fun, utils, moderation, administration ..).

0 Yuudachi NA Servers

Enjoy cute commands, moderation, and fight alongside your friends in a dnd style adventure!

0 Radio X NA Servers

A radio bot with 24/7 streaming & with perfect looking embed/layouts!

0 SoundCord 78 Servers

Add some sound to your server with this awesome soundboard and music bot!

0 Cucumber NA Servers

A fun, easy to use multipurpose Discord Bot, made for simplicity!

0 Thunderstruck NA Servers

We were developed for the purpose of Multi - Functionality such as Moderation, Music and much more.

0 Musify NA Servers

another music bot ! but with great quality : )

0 Blazify ✓™ NA Servers

What can't this bot do? It can do moderation, music, economy, it has special XP system, etc. It is full free and no Premium.

0 TEN Bot NA Servers

TEN BOT is a multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server Also features auto-moderation , administration , econo

0 Pulse 178 Servers

Pulse provides the best quality music for your discord server.

0 Dev Music NA Servers

High Quality Music Bot

0 GTA Radio NA Servers

Never miss a beat with the discord GTA Radio! With the GTA Radio discord bot, you can stream your favourite GTA Radio stations without havin

0 ROCK ₦ ROLL NA Servers

Hey this is a multipurpose bot with moderation, welcome ,music commands and utility commands