0 Vinny NA Servers

Open source, Music, Memes, Reddit, custom prefixes, custom commands, automatic commands, and an active dev/community.

0 Spudnik NA Servers

Spudnik is focused on guild management and adding interesting and useful functionality to your server. It also ships with ZERO weeb commands

0 T_Moderator_Bot NA Servers

A multi-purpose bot with a variety of features to test each day!

0 Reaper NA Servers

A mutlipurposebot to match all your needs | Moderation, Music, Fun, Images, Economy and more!

0 QBot NA Servers

The Moderator For Discord | An advanced moderation bot, featuring the AutoMod, BanSync & backups and QRaid - Raid Prevention System.

1 《Yuki Project》 NA Servers

Yuki Project est un bot multifonctionnel pour s'amuser, configurer son serveur, modérer son serveur et plus!

0 Simplicity NA Servers

Simplicity is yet another Discord bot that has lots of commands that are server, moderation and utility related.

0 PEEKY 60 Servers

PEEKY is a free and reliable multipurpose bot.

0 YouTube bot 1867 Servers

a multipropose bot with music commands and more !

0 Yuki NA Servers

This bot was made for the community. Premium features for free.

0 Highlight 297 Servers

This bot is a multipurpose bot, with regexp and plain word highlight's, logging, moderation and lots more.

0 Solezia NA Servers

Bot discord francais multi-fonction Solezia fait toutes les choses de bases en plus d'ajouts inédit !

0 Portola NA Servers

Portola was created for server entertainment, moderation, and plain fun! The bot receives many frequent updates to enhance your experience!

0 Multi Bot NA Servers

Multi Bot is a bot for moderation, security, utilities, fun, images and music.

0 Jam_ NA Servers

An easy to use moderation and music bot for your server.

0 Solarie 7 Servers

An multi-purpose English bot. Reporting bugs wasn't so easy before.

0 GCA NA Servers

GCA is the #1 bot of the future, on top quality and growing every day. Easy configuration, utility and moderation right there for you!

0 Cruel-Sun NA Servers

Sou um bot construído em JavaScript com um único objetivo de ser útil! Se divirta me usando :3

0 Ravous NA Servers

Here is a bot with Many Function like Modration | fun | image | Utility | Economy And Many Function

0 Spirit 49 Servers

Spirit is a multi-purpose bot that can do moderation, play some tunes and even make you laugh with it's pure fun games!

1 Méliodas NA Servers

Bot multifonction français, développer par MélioOff

0 Airbus NA Servers

Airbus - the perfect blend of entertainment, fun, and information all in one bot.

0 Suggester NA Servers

Suggester is a bot that manages server suggestions, allowing staff to review suggestions before they are posted and manage them in many ways

0 Filo NA Servers

Filo is a multifunctional Discord bot trained for all administrative tasks. Supported languages: Spanish and English.

0 Webud.xyz NA Servers

All Discord servers have the same problems. Members want entertainment, moderators want safety...and you just want the rest

0 Mortal Bot NA Servers

A Discord Bot for Moderation, Fun Commands, Memes, Google, YouTube, Anti Links, Welcomer, Ticket Commands, Captcha Verification, Utility Com

0 Inferno Bot NA Servers

This Bot can help your server with Moderation, Fun Commands etc.

0 ASH NA Servers

Special for you.

0 Universal NA Servers

A Simple And MultiPurpose bot made by ♰ The Vampire ♰#6961. It's Easier Than Other Bots To Use.

0 Devi 31 Servers

Devi is a simple mod and fun bot which has multiple fun api cmds and more

0 Disco NA Servers

Música de Alta Qualidade para o Discord. Oferecendo de graça, comandos como Volume e Bass Boost.

0 Xerox NA Servers

Hello you are looking for a bot of fun and information and images of animals and moderation so you have found the bot

0 StratoBotElite 149 Servers

An advanced games, moderation and mobile assistant bot.

0 Astro NA Servers

Astro is a multipurpose bot with meme, moderation, and logging features with other minor features.

0 Dragonnoir NA Servers

Le bot Dragonnoir est un jeune bot discord multifonction Français

0 Ferdex✨ NA Servers

Ferdex✨ | The perfect allrounder for your Server. Moderation, Utility, Music, Fun and More!

0 Emilly NA Servers

Olá usuário(a), meu nome é Emilly e sou uma robô brasileira de moderação e diversão que vai tornar sua vida muito mais fácil e pratica!

0 Sayuki 27 Servers

Sayuki is a english multi-purpose moderation bot for your Discord server. <3

0 Rhino-Bot NA Servers

Its a Easy to use moderation/Economy bot made by a king

0 Hadder 119 Servers

Hadder is a multi-purpose Discord bot.

0 Nia 146 Servers

Nia is a multipurpose discord bot! Currently supports Moderation, Music, Giveaways and Image manipulation!

0 AkimiBot 1126 Servers

AkimiBot is an English and French bot. At the moment, there is one category: Utility, Fun, Moderation, NSFW and more.

92 Swift 118 Servers

^ - ^ Hello! My name is VonGod, I am one of the owners of Swift, a multifunctional bot (music, fun, utils, moderation, administration ..).

4 Dominant Forever NA Servers

Dominant Forever is a discord bot to fulfill all your daily needs and to automate the boring stuff, it has over 50+ commands and features.

0 CRAZY-BOT 24 Servers

A Regular Bot That's Like To Help With Moderation, Miscellaneous, Config And Much More And Easy To Use :)

0 MyMod 5 Servers

Cloud Verify is one of the most powerful bots where you can set role that the bot'll give to new members once they verify with their link

0 PUB WORLD NA Servers

A lot of things in just one bot

0 ZMech NA Servers

Mech out with the latest in bot tech, including so much to do!

0 ZeroCord NA Servers

Personalize and create the best Discord server with ZeroCord.

3 Wave NA Servers

Wave is a easy-to-use, all-in-one bot, wich includes a bunch of features, and updates alomst daily!

0 MajesticMod NA Servers

A good cool moderation bot! With other stuff!

0 Dark X NA Servers

Hello. I'm Dark X, a box of surprises ! (I'm kidding, I'm a bot ;D )

0 Jarvis™ NA Servers

Jarvis™️ a inteligência artificial em forma de bot para Discord!

0 FIIX1 NA Servers

Easy-to-use Discord bot | Moderation | Leveling | Twitch and more

0 Adhara NA Servers

Um Bot para Discord criado em discord.js para moderação, diversão e muito mais.

0 Thunderstruck NA Servers

We were developed for the purpose of Multi - Functionality such as Moderation, Music and much more.

0 Vortex NA Servers

Vortex Bot is a simple and powerful bot with many functions like Moderation , Auto -Mod , fun , utility , general and many more the bot have

0 Cliffford NA Servers

A very cool bot with many functions like a meme-generator, custom commands, user-info, clear an avatar command and more

0 Blazify ✓™ NA Servers

What can't this bot do? It can do moderation, music, economy, it has special XP system, etc. It is full free and no Premium.

1 T-Rex NA Servers

T-Rex Bot Is DBL Verified Bot!

0 Stitch™ NA Servers

Olá eu me chamo StitchBot, e fui criado para te ajudar na Moderação e na Modernização do seu Servidor, e também alegrar mais o seu Servidor.

0 ROCK ₦ ROLL NA Servers

Hey this is a multipurpose bot with moderation, welcome ,music commands and utility commands

6 Nodrani NA Servers

Nodrani is a simple bot for all your needs!