0 T_Moderator_Bot NA Servers

A multi-purpose bot with a variety of features to test each day!

0 Reaper NA Servers

A mutlipurposebot to match all your needs | Moderation, Music, Fun, Images, Economy and more!

0 Neko Chan 12062 Servers

A common bot, with common & Exclusive Feautures. But all in the one place. No need to have 100 Bots when you've got Neko Chan

0 PEEKY 60 Servers

PEEKY is a free and reliable multipurpose bot.

0 Solezia NA Servers

Bot discord francais multi-fonction Solezia fait toutes les choses de bases en plus d'ajouts inédit !

0 Portola NA Servers

Portola was created for server entertainment, moderation, and plain fun! The bot receives many frequent updates to enhance your experience!

0 🐺 KaniShiel NA Servers

KaniShiel aims to animate werewolf games, on an indefinite number of simultaneous servers.

0 Mortal Bot NA Servers

A Discord Bot for Moderation, Fun Commands, Memes, Google, YouTube, Anti Links, Welcomer, Ticket Commands, Captcha Verification, Utility Com

0 Emilly NA Servers

Olá usuário(a), meu nome é Emilly e sou uma robô brasileira de moderação e diversão que vai tornar sua vida muito mais fácil e pratica!

0 Rhino-Bot NA Servers

Its a Easy to use moderation/Economy bot made by a king

92 Swift 118 Servers

^ - ^ Hello! My name is VonGod, I am one of the owners of Swift, a multifunctional bot (music, fun, utils, moderation, administration ..).

0 PUB WORLD NA Servers

A lot of things in just one bot

0 Dark X NA Servers

Hello. I'm Dark X, a box of surprises ! (I'm kidding, I'm a bot ;D )

0 Jarvis™ NA Servers

Jarvis™️ a inteligência artificial em forma de bot para Discord!

0 myshop 4 Servers

Create your own custom web-shop using MyShop

0 TEN Bot NA Servers

TEN BOT is a multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server Also features auto-moderation , administration , econo

0 Hydro NA Servers

hydro is a multifunctional bot that can do many things!

0 Stitch™ NA Servers

Olá eu me chamo StitchBot, e fui criado para te ajudar na Moderação e na Modernização do seu Servidor, e também alegrar mais o seu Servidor.

3 Kieko 98 Servers

Kieko is a multi-purpose bot featuring a lot of anime, music, economy, administration, fun and much more commands.

1 VXE Master NA Servers

VXE Master is a multipurpose bot, its has tons of commands its is good for almost everything its a good bot and is online 24/7